4G extends reach across Greater London

4G extends reach across Greater London

Vodafone has announced that it has increased the reach of its 4G network to cover around 80 districts and towns.

The extension will allow the service to be accessible to around 100,000 users, with customers from Harlow and Dorking now able to harness average speeds of 16 Mbps, while top speeds could be as high as 57 MBps.,

Dartford in the east and Windsor in the west are also now covered by the service, although the company has announced that the services will soon be extended further afield, coming to Liverpool on October 17th and Glasgow on October 24th.

Vodafone's 4G network is already live in a number of other cities across the country, including Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield, Leicester and Nottingham.

Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle and Edinburgh are all expected to receive coverage from Vodafone by the end of the year, with the operator adding that it was on track to offer 98 per cent coverage by the year 2015.

The company claims that the rollout of the service will help organisations across the country.

According to its own research, nearly nine-out-of-ten business leaders are convinced that the implementation of 4G will help to increase the productivity and staff by generating an 'in-office' experience wherever they are.

“We’re giving people a reason to get excited about ultrafast 4G and more than 100,000 have already joined in,” said Guy Laurence, chief executive of Vodafone UK.

“We’re also giving busy businesses a boost by helping them take their office with them when they’re out and about.

"We’ve been switching on a new site in the London area every half an hour and now people in more than 80 towns and districts can enjoy Vodafone ultrafast 4G.”

Vodafone currently has a mast-sharing agreement with rival company O2, which has seen the two companies roll out 4G services essentially alongside each other.

Both operators launched their offerings back in August, giving customers an increased level of choice after EE came out with the country's first 4G network last year.