4G could be a good alternative to super-fast broadband

4G could be a good alternative to super-fast broadband

Rural businesses could choose 4G over super-fast broadband in order to gain better internet access, according to an expert.

Trefor Davies, council member at ISPA UK and chief technology officer at Timico, said that 4G is potentially as fast as the cabled service.

He added that as the mobile broadband supply is delivered over Wi-Fi, it does not have the same problems that running cables might have.

"A lot of the reasons why these remote areas can't get broadband is because of the cost of running the cables. 4G could be a solution for it, but we won't really know who is going to deploy it or where until after the auctions – which are set to happen at the end of this year," Mr Davies said.

According to the International Telecommunications Union, 4G is defined as providing a "sustained data rate of 100Mbps for mobile connections and 1Gbps for fixed connections". This is compared to 3G which has a maximum speed of 7.2Mbps.