4G connected cars will offer a wealth of opportunities

4G connected cars will offer a wealth of opportunities

Often travelling in a car is downtime for professionals, with limited access to mobile broadband.

However, a number of manufacturers are planning to connect their vehicles to a 4G network, which will enable passengers to access a more consistent and higher-quality service.

The technology will allow professionals to stay connected on the move

Hans Roth, director of technology at Harman, said: "If the technology is safe to use and intuitive, then we think they will appreciate it and be more likely to accept it."

4G connectivity is expected to come to the UK in 2013 after Ofcom announced plans for the auction of the spectrum required for the technology.

Everything Everywhere (EE) is set to be the first operator to launch the service after it was given permission to offer it ahead of its competitors, despite concerns voiced by Vodafone and O2.

The threat of legal action is still looming as mobile operators believe the decision has given EE an advantage over its competitors.