2015 to be the year BYOD really takes off

2015 to be the year BYOD really takes off

Many experts and analysts have had their say when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD) trends. Indeed several reports had recently predicted that 2015 would usher in an era where the practice of employees using their own device within the workplace would become a normal part of how organisations go about their day-to-day business.

One such prediction was made by Samsung, which in its BYOD Index in January 2013, stated that BYOD would be adopted by as many as 90 per cent of businesses by 2015.

Although Tech Pro Research recently uncovered earlier this month that the real figure is actually around 74 per cent, there is still a buoyant demand for the implementation of BYOD approaches, one which looks set to increase over the course of the coming year.

The main reason is due to growth. Businesses are expanding their operations faster than ever before, meaning that whereas in the past organisations were looking to keep up with technology, the opposite is now largely true.

Businesses, particularly those in the small or medium-sized sector now demand a technological solution that will be able to meet the demands of their operations and keep up with any expansion measures.

Demands can come from within too, with employees now becoming increasingly used to the idea of remote and flexible working, a practice that has been found to improve morale and productivity among workers.

The systems of businesses all over the country, and further afield for that matter, are only going to see an increase in the number of mobile devices, meaning that preparation will be key.

A lack of preparation could cause problems later down the line, with security a common challenge to businesses looking to adopt a BYOD approach.

Those worries have only increased amid a number of high-profile data breaches and incidents involving malware, so any organisation looking to promote BYOD will also need to make sure the right measures are in place to both prevent and effectively deal with any possible problems.