2013: The year of mobile device management software

2013: The year of mobile device management software

With the growth of personal devices and the various different types of smartphones and tablets that are making their way onto the market, more people are making use of them to perform work functions.

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is growing and looks like it will continue to do so throughout 2013. Firms are embracing it, but there needs to be a level of security in place to ensure things do not get out of hand. One tool out there to reduce the data security risk posed by BYOD is mobile device management (MDM) software.

One of the top tools on the market today is MaaS360 from Fiberlink. It currently forms part of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software and is becoming more and more popular.

Network World sat down with Chris Clark, the president and chief operating officer at the organisation, to discuss MDM, from its benefits to business and what the future holds for companies looking to keep the sensitive information their employees are accessing safe.

MaaS360 allows companies using the device to manage their entire fleet of mobiles with just a few clicks. It supports all the major smartphone and tablet platforms and makes managing these devices easy, with simple reporting and analytics of all mobile devices.

Mr Clark said the aim of the software tool is to "make over-the-air mobile device provisioning safe and easy for enterprises". He highlighted a major benefit of the MDM system was that it is able to cope with new operating systems from day one, rather than companies exposing themselves to risk by allowing workers to use brand new devices, such as the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.

Why pick MaaS360?

With the MDM market growing at such a pace, it has quickly become crowded with a range of providers, so why pick Fiberlink's product? Mr Clark said the reason is simple; speed.

"We can enroll 10,000 devices and integrate it with Enterprise systems faster than anyone else. In the mobile age, time to trust is one of the most important objectives that companies are trying to achieve with their employees. Striking a balance with employees and their devices and trusting the enterprise MDM.

The fact that MaaS360 is built on a cloud-based architecture means that it is "multi-tenant, fully redundant, secure and on-demand," according to the expert. The platform has been in operation for five years and now supports as many as 1.5 million devices.

One of the major benefits for business is the flexibility the tool offers, as it can be scaled up or down depending on the size of the company and the number of devices needed.

Features of MaaS360

MaaS360 has the ability to manage corporate and personal owned devices, thanks to the integration of Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. It can detect all connected devices and discovers new ones, which may not have been approved by the company, quarantining them until they can be accepted by the IT department.

Expense management is also a key feature of Fiberlink's MDM as it manages data usage, which is particularly useful as working on the move continues to increase.

All in all, Fiberlink's MaaS360 software provides an easy way to manage a host of personal or corporate-owned devices and can help a business reduce costs and also the risks they are exposed to when they are embracing the use of tablets and smartphones within the workplace.