Vodafone and Onecom partner to bring IoT to businesses

Vodafone and Onecom partner to bring IoT to businesses [Image: chombosan via iStock]

Vodafone and unified communications platform Onecom have signed a five-year deal to expand the choice of Internet of Things (IoT) services available to British businesses.

According to Onecom, the companies will jointly “develop, launch and manage” a range of tools going forward. Onecom said it will deploy Vodafone’s global IoT managed connectivity, platform and services, in order for businesses to use connected solutions within their organisations.

The company will also develop its own IoT services, which will then be boosted by Vodafone’s IoT connectivity, as well as its global platform.

Aaron Brown, chief operating officer at Onecom, explained that the business sees IoT services as a major focus of growth for the next five years and further.

He said: “This new partnership complements our strong relationship with Vodafone and enables us to realise our vision of making it simple for our business customers to deploy IoT technology across their organisations, giving them the edge over their competitors and opening up virtually endless possibilities in a connected world.”

Meanwhile, Helen Freestone, Vodafone's UK director of partners and alliances, said: “Successful implementation of IoT services requires specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure that the people, places and processes connected to IoT technology maximise the benefits that adoption of this new technology can bring.”

She went on to say that Onecom and Vodafone have a proven track record of working together to achieve this for our customers, building on the success of our unified communications partnership.

Vodafone’s aim is to make the IoT simpler for businesses by bringing together the right combination of partners, while leaving firms to only manage one supplier. Vodafone has already implemented a number of end-to-end solutions, which are intended to simplify the IoT for companies as they contain high quality hardware and/or software, along with pre-configured IoT connectivity services tested, supplied and supported by Vodafone.