IT outsourcing trends for 2014 revealed

IT outsourcing trends for 2014 revealed

The last 12 months have seen a number of companies recognise the advantages of outsourcing their IT services, with a number of trends beginning to emerge as a result of its popularity.

Indeed ISG recently claimed that 2014 has been one of the strongest years ever for IT outsourcing, with the practice seeing greater adoption outside of its traditional north European hotbed.

One of the most substantial gains in adoption was found in France, which saw IT outsourcing increase by some 250 per cent year-on-year.

The popularity of IT outsourcing means that there are now no shortage of market predictions for its future.

According to a review of the, one of the most notable trends was that of a rise in the use of hybrid offshoring models.

Atul Vashistha, chief executive officer of offshoring consultancy Neo Group, told the website:  "We saw many of our media, financial and life sciences clients make greater use of hybrid models.

"As companies grow and mature their governance skills, more companies are able to take advantage of hybrid models."

The use of hybrid models has therefore become stronger than ever and that strength is unlikely to falter over the course of 2015.

The deals themselves have also changed, with a the days of large, "mega deals" becoming a thing of the past.

Multisourcing has risen to prominence over 2014, with handfuls of big deals giving way to many smaller ones.

However, with increased multisourcing comes the challenge of governance, which understandably becomes harder.

It means that many companies may require expertise in this area, which could provide a substantial boost to jobs.

Pace Harmon partner Marc Tanowitz, told "We believe the growth of the hybrid delivery model will present real career opportunities for governance professionals to advance within the enterprise and as such will allow enterprises to begin to attract, develop and retain this talent."