How APT Blockers could prove vital in keeping systems safe

How APT Blockers could prove vital in keeping systems safe

There have been a number of changes in the digital landscape over the last few years, particularly when it comes to security.

High-profile breaches at major retailers like Target have shot to the top of the news agenda, leaving companies of all sizes pondering the extent of their own security procedures and whether they were enough to keep out increasingly sophisticated threat.

Antivirus is not enough

Yet when it comes to protecting against malware and other malicious attacks, there is still a temptation among many companies to revert back to simply setting up a reactive antivirus system, assuming it will be enough.

However, the internet is always changing, meaning that traditional antivirus software can easily fall behind as it is only capable of defending against known threats.

Hackers know it is only a matter of time before viruses manage to get caught out by antivirus software, so they constantly write and release new viruses.

Unfortunately, more often than not, they manage to stay one step ahead of security providers.

Watchguard's APT Blocker to provide a solution

Antivirus software is still a vital first line of defence for many IT systems, but new threats can easily morph into code that will slip by signature-based products looking for a recognisable malware pattern.

WatchGuard's Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) blocker provides a valuable backup, analysing files for any malicious behaviour.

Information is then sent to a cloud-based next-generation sandbox, which is a virtual environment where code is analysed, emulated, and executed before its threat level is truly established.

However, while WatchGuard's tool provides unrivalled depth in terms of understanding malware behaviour, it is also the most difficult for advanced malware to detect, meaning it is harder for hackers to stay one step ahead.

The APT Blocker analyses a whole host of files, including Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office files, as well as packed files, like Windows .zip files.

Innovative technology

APT Blocker provides top-quality protection in a manner that is both simple and intuitive; drawing on WatchGuard DimensionTM, which is included at no additional cost in every WatchGuard XTM and Firebox solution.

As well as offering real-time visibility and easy-to-understand information about threats, it also comes with strong zero-day protection.

Zero-day attacks refer to those for which no software patch is available and no signature exists.

Meanwhile, with WatchGuard's UTM (unified threat management) users can benefit from their network traffic to pass through a whole selection of security services, protecting against spam and data loss, while utilising the power of multi-core processing.

It amounts to a best-of-breed strategy that provides the most reliable security solution on the market.

WatchGuard security services are available in single and multi-year subscriptions. Contact Arrow Communications for more information.