Data breaches harming IT pros’ faith in data security

Data breaches harming IT pros' faith in data security (iStock)

The headlines have been awash with the impact of various data breaches in recent weeks, and is subsequently harming the faith placed in security systems by IT professionals.

That is the main finding a recent survey conducted by Barkly, which found that 50 per cent of professionals in the IT sector now have doubts about the security of their system.

The findings have come as a surprise to some experts, including chief technology officer of Barkly, Jack Danahy, who told TechNewsWorld that such low confidence in these systems is arguably at odds with the amount of money being spent.

"Organisations are investing because they know they should be doing something for security, but their expectations are low," he said.

"For me that was a surprise because in most areas of business, people know what they're paying for, so they have reasonable expectations that something is going to be an enhancement to their business."

One possible explanation could be that around 54 per cent of companies said they had little confidence in measuring whether the systems that had implemented were actually offering value for money.

Other knocks to the confidence of IT professionals include the perceived disparity between what a solution promises and what it actually delivers.

But perhaps the most pertinent point being felt by many companies is the fact that many IT pros are simply feeling overwhelmed by the number of threats that are allegedly residing in the digital landscape.

As a result, many data security strategies are gearing themselves towards the trendiest threat that happens to be in the news at the time, instead of implementing an all-encompassing approach.