Businesses ‘want to increase their IT staff to manage cyber security threats’

Credit: matejmo via iStock

Almost one in four businesses believe they need to increase their IT staff by a quarter in order to manage the cyber security threat, a new survey has found.

However, the research by McAfee found that 84 per cent are struggling to attract new hires with expertise in this area.

Despite this, many employers are confident they can tap into other skills in order to address the cyber security risk.

For instance, 92 per cent of employers believe gaming gives players the skills and experience that can help them identify cyber security threats, as they must demonstrate their ability to solve problems logically, confront adversaries and show perseverance.

More than half of those polled also agreed that using games raises awareness and IT staff knowledge of how breaches can take place.

Meanwhile, more than four in ten said this approach helps create a culture of teamwork within an organisation, which can help cyber security threats be dealt with quickly and effectively.

In addition, over three-quarters of respondents agreed that greater use of gamification would make their organisation safer.

Automation is also becoming an increasingly favoured approach to deal with cyber security threats.

More than eight in ten respondents said implementing greater automation would make their organisation's cyber security defences stronger, while one in four said this approach would free up time to concentrate on innovation and value-added work.

Grant Bourzikas, chief information security officer at McAfee, commented: "With cyber security breaches being the norm for organisations, we have to create a workplace that empowers cyber security responders to do their best work.

"Keeping our workforce engaged, educated and satisfied at work is critical to ensuring organisations do not increase complexity in the already high-stakes game against cyber crime."