If your head isn’t in the clouds, it should be

If your head isn’t in the clouds, it should be

Cloud computing is expected to grow at 5 times the rate of traditional IT products between now and 2015.  In anticipation, Microsoft and Google have created huge data centres to provide IT Software services to the SMB and Enterprise markets and are battling it out for market share.


Less Risk, more ROI

Moving your IT software services into the “Cloud” can create significant ROI for any business especially when it’s time to upgrade hardware or software. Cloud services minimise risk by providing better resilience and redundancy to any organisation, saving both operational costs and total cost of ownership.

A recent article highlighted that Cloud Computing is secure enough for the Pentagon as they plan to roll cloud services out across several key US Government departments.


Pay per use model

Potentially the greatest benefit of Cloud computing is that it gives on-demand access to reliable and configurable resources that can be quickly provisioned and released.


Outsource your email to Arrow

Arrow’s Hosted Exchange service delivers an enterprise class solution tailored for small to medium businesses.

Our Hosted Exchange services provides email on demand without having to manage it in-house, from just £8.95 per month per user.

  • Pay per use model
  • Business-class messaging – email and instant messaging
  • Enhanced Anti-virus/spam
  • Public folders
  • Shared calendars and contacts
  • Mailbox connectivity through Outlook Web Access
  • Unified messaging support


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