What to ask your cloud computing vendor

What to ask your cloud computing vendor

The adoption of a cloud computing system can have various positive impacts on you business, but with many companies still showing a reluctance to implement such technology shows that there is still a great deal of uncertainty being harboured by those at the top of many firms.

Gaining a sense of clarity with the cloud can therefore be considered a vital first step in the process, and there are a number of questions that IT managers can ask to gain a better working knowledge of such technology.

The first concern that many businesses highlight when looking into the possibility of moving to the cloud is the issue of security.

One of the main benefits of such a system is the fact that it can allow you to use and access data that is vital to your business from any device, making it ideal for use within a bring your own device (BYOD) environment.

However, this has led to many IT operators wondering what impact such an approach will have on ensuring that vital data is not leaked or accessed through malicious means.

In order to ease these concerns, it is important to ask you vendor what measures they have in place to protect your sensitive information.

If a company does then decide to introduce a cloud system, another more practical concern is what to do with the remains of your existing infrastructure.

To ensure that the productivity and efficiency of your staff is not harmed in any way it is important to find out how much of your current set-up will still be needed once your new system is introduced.  

One of the main benefits that many businesses often associate with cloud computing is the fact that it offers the infrastructure needed to cut down on features associated with a more traditional system, such as IT staff and equipment, however the amount of support offered by vendors can vary. It is therefore essential to check with your provider just how much support you will receive when you join their service.