Use of cloud services to accelerate in 2017

Use of cloud services to accelerate in 2017 [Image: Andrey Prokhorov via iStock]

The use of cloud computing is predicted to increase next year, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

It is expected that enterprises will seek to become more efficient in how they serve customers, which will drive the acceleration of the cloud market.

Dave Bartoletti, Forrester Research analyst and primary author of the research, told “Enterprises with big budgets, data centers and complex applications are now looking at cloud as a viable place to run core business applications.”

Compiling the report, Forrester Research found that 59 per cent of organisations that responded to its survey said they would be adopting a hybrid cloud model.

The report also found that the global public cloud market is expected to increase to $146 billion (£117 billion) in 2017 from $87 billion in 2015. The market is also predicted to grow at a 22 per cent compound annual growth rate.

Forrester Research said that next year, chief information officers (CIO) will contain cloud costs better than they currently do. Researchers pointed to the fact that although the cloud is typically thought of as more cost-effective than on-site storage, it is not always true. Certain behaviours by CIOs can often result in more money being spent on cloud services when there is usually no need.

For example, some firms make use of multiple cloud providers, which could often push up the cost. There is also the risk of leaving cloud servers running over the weekend – when they are typically not in use – which is another way that companies spend more than necessary.

Speaking about the benefits of cloud solutions, Mr Bartoletti said: “Enterprises are turning great ideas into software and insights faster and the cloud is the best place to get quick insights out of enterprise data.”