UK cloud Adoption increases to 84%

UK cloud Adoption increases to 84%

The number of companies adopting at least one cloud service now stands at 84 per cent, new research has found.

The study by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) also found that 78 per cent of cloud users have adopted two or more cloud services.

The survey canvassed some 250 senior IT and business decision-makers from across the public and private sectors, covering a number of enterprises and small or medium-sized businesses (SMB).

It found that cloud adoption was eight per cent higher when compared to the same survey's findings in June 2014.

It also found that half of all respondents now expected to move their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud "at some point", with 16 per cent stating they intended to do this as soon as possible.

Most users are anticipating that applications set to the move to cloud-based systems include CRM, disaster recovery and backup, data storage, email and collaboration services.

And the CIF predicts the end of Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003 later this year will see a further increase in cloud adoption as more organisations put their servers into the cloud.

Alex Hilton, chief executive officer of CIF, said: “Cloud has moved from the edge of the IT estate to its centre, and it is now largely regarded as just another way that we do IT. Importantly, it is, by and large, delivering the benefits the industry promised it would deliver.

“We know that 90 per cent of organisations using cloud are satisfied with it, 70 percent expect to up their usage over the coming year, and that 56 percent believe that it has provided them with competitive advantage.”

The "competitive advantage" mentioned by Mr Hilton arguably relates to the increased flexibility and lower running costs that have come to be associated with cloud computing and are already recognised by a number of firms across a wide range of industries.