Tech budgets placing greater focus on cloud computing

Tech budgets placing greater focus on cloud computing Content Categories Photos Preview

Cloud computing services are becoming an increasingly pressing priority for many firms, recent research has suggested.

IDG Enterprise's Computerworld's annual Forecast Survey suggests that an increasing number of firms are beginning to recognise the importance of technology as a differentiating factor for their business.

It found that tech budgets have subsequently increased at nearly half of organisations (46 per cent), with cloud computing and the security solutions surrounding it top of the list of priorities for many firms.

The survey claims the coming year will see a 50 per cent increase in spending among businesses on security, while cloud computing (48 per cent), business analytics (41 per cent), mobile apps (36 per cent), and virtualisation (35 per cent), are all set to see similar increases.

With so many business-critical applications and pieces of infrastructure moving to the cloud, financial resources are unsurprisingly beginning to move away from on-premise solutions.

The primary factor behind the move away from traditional IT systems has, according to researchers, been the willingness to place a greater focus on improving customer satisfaction and experience, while also creating new or increasing existing revenue streams and keeping strong levels of service.

Brian Glynn, chief revenue officer, IDG Enterprise, said: "Digital transformation continues to grow as strategic priority. Technology leaders are positioned to drive this change through strategic investments that boost organisational efficiency and a deeper focus on customer solutions and experience."

As well as turning to the cloud, many companies are looking towards other emerging trends, with 29 per cent planning to spend money on the Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, while energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies (16 per cent) are also a big part of many future plans.