SMBs associate cloud computing with increased revenues

SMBs associate cloud computing with increased revenues

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are becoming increasingly likely to value cloud technology as a key part of their customer service, new research has found.

A study conducted by Oxford Economics found that many SMBs have a strong appetite for cloud computing, despite many not having a large workforce in their IT department to provide support for such an approach.

One of the key drivers in this enthusiasm for the cloud is the perception that it allows companies to enhance their revenues.

The "Path To Value" cloud survey saw researchers canvass the opinions from around 350 business executives, with many expressing a belief that the cloud can be used as  key driver in generating innovation and collaboration, while also offering potential for growth further down the line.

Surprisingly, the implementation of the cloud for many respondents does not seem to have been done in an attempt to save money, with only 32 per cent claiming to have adopted such an approach in order to save operational expenses or achieve greater efficiency.

Both of these areas have traditionally been the main reasons for companies introducing the cloud to their IT infrastructure, yet the renewed emphasis on generating more revenue appears to hold more appeal.

Indeed, the cloud does appear to be having an impact in this respect, with around two-thirds of respondents claiming the cloud had added a measurable value to their bottom-line results.

Despite the obvious advantages however, many respondents still expressed concerns over security.

Around 76 per cent of respondents cited security as their primary concern with the cloud, while other notable considerations included compatibility and privacy.

Yet the companies that have managed to adopt the cloud ahead of their peers were found to have higher profit margins than those without, a statistic that is likely to merely add to the technology's popularity.