Shortage of training is hampering cloud users

Shortage of training is hampering cloud users

The advantages of implementing a cloud computing system have been reasonably well-documented by many experts, who appear impressed by the way in which such a system allows businesses to be more agile in the way they handle data.

However, with the increasing use of the cloud, there is also a need to ensure that there is a level of new skills within the company to ensure that its advantages are fully realised.

A study entitled Cloud Computing: State of Play, released by V3 earlier this year suggests that many businesses are failing to keep up with the technology by not ensuring that their staff are properly trained.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of those surveyed said that their cloud projects have been hindered by the lack of skills and experience among employees.

The study shows that the industry is now looking for members of staff that can configure and support these new services, while also having the capability to manage the planning of resources.

The study therefore recommends that both IT students and professionals need to show a degree of versatility in both their education and their career.

It also claims that students need to carefully consider what options are available to them before embarking on specialised subjects.

In order to address the problem, there have been a number of courses established, with V3's research suggesting that half of respondents are showing an intention to train their current staff in how to adequately cope with the challenges presented by cloud computing.

There are a host of relevant courses available but only two-thirds of British businesses claim to know of their existence.

Educating students on cloud computing has also becoming part of some university courses, with the Manchester Business School having introduced a cloud computing masters course.

Technology companies could also have an important contribution to make, with Rackspace having launched its Open Cloud Academy in March this year.

The success of such ideas remains to be seen, but there is certainly a great need to close the skills gap in the area of cloud computing both here and abroad, in order to make sure that companies achieve their full potential.