Preparing your system for cloud migration

Preparing your system for cloud migration (iStock)

There is little doubt that cloud computing is a technology that is on the rise, with a large number of analysts predicting it will soon be able to dominate the market.

While a number of organisations have already adopted the technology, or else at least considering it, there are still a large number of businesses that are yet to think of how best to implement the migration to the cloud.

Knowing where to start is a significant part of helping to get the process underway, although there are always going to be certain preparatory measures you will need to take in order to ensure your system reaps the benefits of everything the cloud has to offer.


Security is a pressing matter for almost any modern business in the digital age, particularly when it comes to securing customer data and applications.

A cloud service provider should always offer a level of security that is a step above that of the the company itself, with features such as centralised monitoring, authentication testing activity logging, all contributors in giving cloud services an edge. 

Nevertheless, convincing customers about these benefits can be a challenge, so don't hamper your efforts with poor preparation. Always ensure there is a Security Risk Management Plan in place.

Facilitate integration with hardware and the network

Ensuring a strong level of integration between a cloud management provider and a company's traditional IT system is of the utmost importance.

A newly set-up cloud platform loses its effectiveness if it cannot access existing infrastructure and data.

Similarly, there also needs to be a solid level of connectivity with a company's existing network.

Many organisations fail to make the network a priority, indeed, recent research suggests that over 70 per cent of organisations have had to change their network infrastructure in order to support the cloud. While common, this approach can cause complications later down the line.

Prepare your roll out

While the cloud often makes business operations easier, the actual transition often proves to be difficult, meaning that a clearly thought out strategy for rolling out your new system is integral to success.

Always evaluate what can be done in terms of how employees, partners and customers can access information. Try not to roll out every service at once as it risks creating an unmanageable workload.

The size of the company in question rarely has an impact on the importance of these rules, with both large and small companies beginning to go in the direction of adopting the cloud.

If the preparation is done properly, there are plenty of benefits for companies to enjoy, including improved efficiency and cash flow. Arrow can provide practical advice, robust solutions and a transition strategy to help your business move safely to cloud services.