Personal cloud services to become widespread by 2013

Personal cloud services to become widespread by 2013

The rapid growth of cloud technologies could see 90 per cent of all connected consumer devices integrated with these services by the end of 2013, recent research has claimed.

According to technology research and advisory firm Gartner, the emergence of personal clouds shows consumers' desire to store, sync, stream and share their content regardless of their platform or device.

Gartner managing vice president, Andrew Johnson, said "The shift to the personal cloud will accelerate rapidly in 2012 as consumers learn how to use new services on their devices."

He noted that cloud services will become part of people's everyday lives and will lead to more and more platform providers integrating the service into their products.

The expert noted that there has been a major change in recent years in terms of cloud technology, with the growing adoption of mobile and portable devices that have limited internal storage and rely heavily on cloud services.