New Google cloud technology to launch next week

New Google cloud technology to launch next week

Google is set to launch its new data storage product as early as next week.

According to The Next Web, which claims to have seen a draft release, the internet giant is ready to launch Google Drive on Tuesday.

It is believed that the product will be a direct competitor to Dropbox, and it is expected to offer 5GB of storage, three more than its rival, as well as being free of charge.

The website suggests Google Drive will work 'in desktop folders' although there are still questions that remain unanswered when it comes to operational queries.

Details are still hazy on a number of issues, including how to go about securing the Google Drive icon for an Apple Mac.

Speculation has been growing about a Google cloud data product for a number of years and talk of launches have proven to be unfounded in the past, but the amount of excitement growing about Google Drive could mean it is the real deal.