More than 9 in 10 businesses happy with cloud office migration

More than 9 in 10 businesses happy with cloud office migration (hylendrahoode via iStock)

The vast majority of businesses believe they have made the migration to a cloud-based office successfully. 

This is according to new research carried out by BetterCloud, which found 95 per cent of organisations are happy with how the transition has progressed.

A survey of 270 enterprises, the results of which have been highlighted by Cloud Tech, revealed 40 per cent believe their cloud solution suits the company 'very well', while 55 per cent said it suits them 'well'.

The research revealed a slight preference for Google Apps, with 44 per cent of users saying this system fits their needs very well, compared to 39 per cent of Office 365 users.

Among the general benefits of the cloud highlighted by the survey include improved storage management and data recovery, which was cited by 54 per cent of respondents, and 67 per cent claimed they are able to operate faster overall thanks to the cloud. 

"Offloading applications to the cloud frees technology administrators from mundane tasks and enables more innovation, while, at the same time, users become empowered and more productive," the BetterCloud report stated.

According to Gartner research, the global shift towards cloud technology will lead to more than $1 trillion (£758 billion) of IT spending being affected, either directly or indirectly, by 2020.

Ed Anderson, research vice-president at Gartner, stated: "Cloud shift is not just about cloud. As organisations pursue a new IT architecture and operating philosophy, they become prepared for new opportunities in digital business, including next-generation IT solutions such as the Internet of Things."

The aggregate amount of cloud shift this year is forecast to hit $111 billion, rising to $216 billion in 2020. Gartner calculates this figure by comparing IT spending on cloud services with traditional non-cloud services in the same market categories.