Microsoft moving operations to the cloud

Microsoft moving operations to the cloud

The popularity of the cloud has been well documented by a number of experts over the course of recent  years, with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seen to be one of the groups to have benefited most from the technology.

Yet now its seems that some of the world's biggest tech companies are beginning to come round to its advantages, with Microsoft recently announcing that it intends to move many of its internal applications on its own Azureinfrastructure-as-a-service(IaaS) cloud offering.

By using its own technology, Microsoft has stayed true to its commitment to transforming its corporate structure, with the firm suggesting that finance, human resources and internal training systems are just some of the services to be moved to the cloud as part of a larger hybrid cloud strategy.

The move to the cloud will be part of its commitment to use the whole of the company's cloud portfolio, which includes Azure IaaS and platform-as-a-service (PaaS), as well as its own software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Microsoft's IT team wrote in a blog post: "We started with a vision: 'All of Microsoft runs in the cloud.' Microsoft IT has adopted a cloud-first approach to applications and workloads, which supports the vision. We have been using Microsoft Azure as the default infrastructure for new applications and workloads to further this cloud strategy.

"In addition to implementing this policy for new applications and workloads, we continue to extend the cloud-first vision by assessing existing infrastructure for cloud migration."

It added that the move will help the company cope with the challenges of EOL and closure of physical data centres.

Microsoft also said that it claims to dismantle two of its existing data centres as part of a larger strategy to increase consolidation and efficiency.

The company said that it expects to have shifted its operations in a way that sees all of its IT systems run by Azure.