Microsoft encourages firms to embrace flexible working

Microsoft encourages firms to embrace flexible working

Businesses need to do all that they can to embrace flexible working policies, according to Microsoft.

Gordon Frazer, managing director of Microsoft UK, was speaking at the Digital London event and said that the next generation of employees will demand flexibility, according to

This could include the use of VoIP so that people can operate from home, or empowering the workforce with smartphones and tablets which benefit from cloud computing.

"As technology makes flexible working possible businesses have to take a modern approach to employment, especially with younger people that will have a very different expectation on what the world of work looks like compared to those who entered ten or 15 years ago," he added.

Last month, Regus found that 65 per cent of workers are now asked to work more on the move than they ever have in the past.

Mr Frazer noted that "mobility" will be the key and this will be boosted as technology continues to grow and improve.