Interest in public cloud services increases among IT professionals

Interest in public cloud services increases among IT professionals

Nearly a third of information technology professionals claim to be interested in moving all of their data centre infrastructure to the cloud, according to new research.

A study conducted by 2nd Watch found that around 32 per cent of those working in the business stated an interest in such technology with 42 per cent saying they were calculated buyers, a term that refers to those testing the service before buying.

Around 400 IT pros took part in the survey, with responses divided into three main categories: calculated, market-driven and all-in.

The main finding of the research was the fact that many cloud buyers are more mature, with a greater interest in saving money and simplifying management and maintaining an agile infrastructure.

Buyers also outlined their main reasons for wanting to move to the cloud, with 36 per cent claiming the technology would allow them to save money and bypass the need for in-house management.

Another 33 per cent cited the feature of cloud-specific applications as the main driver behind their interest, while a further 29 per cent being drawn by the added agility that comes with implementing such an approach.

Perhaps the biggest reason for IT professionals to consider turning to the cloud was the level of innovation that comes with the use of a cloud platform, accounting for 64 per cent of responses.

However, there is still a some uncertainty surrounding the future of cloud use, with 43 per cent of respondents claiming they are unsure of how it will impact on the future of operations.

There is some positivity though, with just over a quarter (26 per cent) claiming that they will be using a hybrid cloud infrastructure for a long time.

Crucially for cloud providers, nearly a third said they compared both cost and performance when choosing a vendor, indicating that a number of IT professionals are looking to make a more informed choice.