Hybrid cloud edging closer to mainstream adoption

Hybrid cloud edging closer to mainstream adoption

Hybrid cloud computing could be roughly "two to five years" away from breaking into the mainstream, a new study has claimed.

Research published by Gartner claims there are currently only 15 per cent of enterprises using the platform.

The company's Hype Cycle report claims hybrid cloud computing is still lagging in its appeal to enterprises, with failed implementations and experiments with the technology harming growth in adoption rates.

The report added that while some companies will use some form of hybrid cloud system over the next three years, there will still be a certain level of immaturity in setting up more advanced and complicated approaches.

The report added that the technology was in something it called the "trough of disillusionment".

Gartner claims that such an occurrence usually happens after a technology has been identified as being the 'next big thing', even if commercial viability is largely unproven.

The prediction of the hybrid cloud being some five years away from breaking into the mainstream is one that may very well come as a surprise to many, particularly given the fact that some of the biggest companies in the industry have already identified it as the preferred way for enterprises to consume IT.

Yet, Andy Soanes, chief technology officer of IT consultancy firm Bell Integration, said he was not surprised to see that many companies are still finding their feet with using the new technology.

He told Computer Weekly: “Finding the sweet spot – where the business is gaining the maximum benefit from a perfect balance of on-premise IT, private cloud and public cloud services – can be extremely difficult."