How the cloud is joining with video conferencing to change business

How the cloud is joining with video conferencing to change business

The rise of video conferencing has seemingly gone hand-in-hand with that of cloud computing, with the benefits of both being widely recognised by many enterprises, especially small or medium-sized businesses (SMB).

And the combination of both technologies has meant that the positives are enhanced even further.

Video conferencing received a rather lukewarm response from many commercial users in the past, as it was hindered by various limitations that meant it was just not practical for many firms to use on a regular basis.

Bandwidth and ISDN difficulties have meant that video services have only recently been embraced by a large number of organisations.

Divesh Nathoo, pre-sales manager at Kathea, told IT Web: "Video conferencing solutions have also been viewed as complex, difficult to use, and in general, not worth the hassle."

Yet the emergence of cloud computing has brought with it a number of benefits that have made it a lot more attractive to many SMBs.

Mr Nathoo added: "The growth of mobility and the popularity of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend have further pushed the boundaries of video conferencing technology, with increased demand to make these services available on mobile devices."

Cloud technology by its very nature encourages the use of mobility, as services are accessible to everyone from anywhere, making it a key part of any BYOD solution.

Technology on the go is not the only advantage of the cloud, as it can also represent value for money, with there being no need for expensive hardware, while running costs are also removed.

The amount of money spent on expertise is also reduced, as there is no need to splash out on in-house resources for maintaining equipment.

With a cloud system, SMBs have access to highly trained experts around the clock, which saves much needed time as well as cash.

And with a high number of trained professionals able to offer their services to a cloud-based service, there are also many security benefits available, which eases the level of concern among many IT professionals within an organisation implementing a BYOD strategy.

Security can be employed at many different levels, including user accounts, meetings, applications and ports.