How the cloud can make your business greener

How the cloud can make your business greener

The benefits of the cloud are being recognised by a whole host of businesses from various sectors all over the world.

Yet when so many enterprises appear to have such a strong emphasis on technology, the impact on the environment, as well as the bottom-line, is becoming a cause of greater concern for many bosses.

That has allowed the rise of what many people have termed 'green IT', which obviously has energy efficiency at its very heart.

Not only is it now favourable for an enterprise's image to have less of a carbon footprint, but it can also help to save money too, because if systems are more efficient then businesses stand to reduce their operating costs without harming productivity.

One new piece of technology that is often being placed at the heart of such strategies is the cloud, which also boasts a number of other benefits that make it easier for employees to work more flexibly.

Other benefits include the ability to transform costly and bulky pieces of IT infrastructure into a virtualised model, which in turn can be accessed anywhere with a connection.

The elimination of costly and inefficient servers means that businesses can now share data more easily than ever before, while the growing use of these SaaS (Software as a Service) tools has allowed companies to significantly reduce their IT energy usage.

However, there have been a number of concerns expressed by analysts that the question of sustainability has not been answered but simply moved to somewhere else.

Markus Steinkamp, head of business intelligence for Berlin-based mobile games company Wooga, recently told BBC News: "We wanted to outsource as much stuff as possible to leave our teams free to focus on games development rather than servers.

"The primary motivation was to lower costs; sustainability was a nice by-product.

"The cloud gives us the flexibility to respond to fluctuating market demand and only pay for the server capacity we need."

It seems therefore that implementing the cloud alone isn't enough to make your business greener, requiring extra effort from decision makers and employees alike.