How mobile device management is moving to the cloud

How mobile device management is moving to the cloud

The rise of a bring your own device strategy (BYOD) within many businesses has led to a number of benefits for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but has also led to a number a number of challenges for IT operators.  

One of the main causes for concern has been the issue of security of data, as a personal device carrying important company-sensitive information that does not have an adequate level of security has the potential to fall into the wrong hands.

The need for an effective mobile device management strategy (MDM) has therefore grown significantly in recent times, with more and more products becoming available to SMEs.

One of the main benefits for BYOD is the potential to save a significant amount of money, a positive that is also one of the main reasons for implementing a cloud computing system within your business framework.  

An effective cloud system not only cuts operational costs, but also the amount of infrastructure needed in order to ensure that your company is performing at its very best.

Cloud-based MDM software allows employees to register, secure and manage  their personal devices without the need for the involvement of IT departments.

Users can simply install the application, then download whatever documents they need onto a secure online storage system.

Data and documents stored in this way are stored, managed and kept separate from any personal content that you may also decide to be keeping on your device.

The idea is that administrators can the log in to view the status of information within the company network, while also observing the working habits of employees during the day, granting access to email, Wi-Fi configurations and the setting up of password policies.

Crucially though, combining the cloud with MDM will allow members of staff to work more flexibly, which has become a sought-after practice among many workers and has been shown to improve employee morale as well as productivity.