How cloud computing can help companies cut energy costs

How cloud computing can help companies cut energy costs

The need to make operations energy efficiency has become an increasingly important consideration for many firms both in the UK and further afield.

While a cloud-based system can help your firm appear broader and more expansive, it can also help to streamline your organisation in a way that enhances efficiency both from an environmental and productivity point of view.

There are a number of ways in which the cloud can help your firm reduce your carbon footprint.

One of these is the fact that such technology is backed up by a more sustainable approach to data storage, due to the fact that it utilises a shared, centralised network.

This means that there is no need to worry about depending on individual devices, such as hard drives and computers to store your data.

The absence of huge data centres on-site means there is no need for cooling or maintenance, saving money both in terms of cash paid to employees as well as that paid on energy.

Although coming up with an exact number to show the savings that are made possible through implementing a cloud system can prove near-impossible, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) estimates that it could save corporations in the US as much as  $12.3 billion (£7.39 billion) in energy costs every year, while also reducing CO2 emissions by 85.7 million metric tons per annum.

There are plenty of options available to firms too, offering cloud-based hosting systems, meaning that all an IT department needs to do is conduct its research and choose a provider that suits both its needs and budget.

Not only will it give your company immediate financial rewards in terms of operating costs, but it will also allow you to market your company as environmentally friendly; something that is an increasingly important consideration among business and consumers alike.