Google Drive continues move to the cloud

Google Drive continues move to the cloud

Google has become the latest company to offer cloud technologies to enable users to store data and information outside of their own device.

The launch of Google Drive will enable business users to share documents and edit them at the same time, boosting productivity and collaboration.

Google's decision to join the cloud technology industry comes after rumours circulated that Samsung was ready to launch its own storage product in the near future.

Many believe the S-cloud will be introduced at the same time as its next generation Galaxy smartphone.

Cloud technology has been around for a number of years, but Apple's inclusion of the feature in its latest operating system has led to it being taken up by more businesses.

The introduction of the iCloud was a game changer in the cloud technology world, particularly as it allowed smartphone users to take advantage of the storage device.

Many predict that Google's move to the cloud could lead its rival Facebook to do the same and enter the cloud technology market.