Federation of Small Businesses urges greater cloud security awareness

Federation of Small Businesses urges greater cloud security awareness

Nearly two-fifths (38 per cent) of small UK businesses are unwilling to sign up to cloud services subdued to fears over security, new figures have suggested.

Numbers gathered by the UK Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) comes despite a European Commission report finding that the adoption of cloud computing still carries some notable benefits for companies, specifically a reduction in costs.

Those figures found that around 80 per cent of organisations could save between ten and 20 per cent in their operating costs.

There are also green benefits too, with figures showing the cloud to have the ability to reduce the carbon footprint of small firms by up to 90 per cent.

However, those benefits alone do not seem to be enough to convince many enterprises, a number of which still harbour concerns over security.

The FSB found that although three fifths of small firms were found to be using cloud computing, there were still five pressing concerns, including data theft or loss (61 per cent), having reliable access to online services (55 per cent), concerns over access to data (53 per cent), as well as issues with liability (41 per cent) and placing too much dependence on cloud services (33 per cent).

John Allan, FSB national chairman said: “Many small businesses are recognising the advantages of cloud computing services, but there remains a great deal of concern that sensitive data may not be secure or the service not reliable.

“Businesses don’t want to transition to cloud-based systems without knowing who will be liable if something goes wrong. As our previous research has shown, there are significant gains to be made from using this technology so it is imperative more is done to address firms' understandable reservations and remove barriers to take-up.”