Fast-growing organisations can expand in the cloud

Fast-growing organisations can expand in the cloud

Businesses will be able to expand their operations by making use of the cloud, according to an industry expert.

Chris Willford, chief operating officer at My Wealth Cloud, said that there is a current trend of growing data levels and improved internet connection speeds prompting more use of cloud-based services.

He noted that the 'subscription economy' is leading companies to pay for what they need, rather than tying up capital in fixed assets or versions of software which might soon become obsolete and therefore leave them behind the competition.

"For a fast-growing organisation, it's easier to expand in the cloud than to upgrade to a series of larger local servers – and you have avoided obsolescence at the same time," he added.

Mr Willford noted that if a business suddenly takes off or suffers a collapse in volume, then cloud computing solutions give it a good chance of adapting to the change in circumstances.