Ericsson unveils 5G aim with IoT marketplace launch

Ericsson unveils 5G aim with IoT marketplace launch (a-image via iStock)

Ericsson has announced the launch of its Internet of Things (IoT) Accelerator Marketplace, which it has described as a "stepping stone" to the establishment of 5G. 

It is a cloud-based platform designed to give service providers access to platform and professional services. It will work by offering continual incremental functionality as a service to allow providers to repeatedly supply new IoT solutions to customers. 

The company says the application will act as the means of collaboration the digital ecosystem community needs, which will be beneficial to both developers and service providers.

In the case of service providers, the Accelerator Marketplace will act as a catalogue to enable them to find IoT services from around the world, ensuring they can offer their enterprise customers the most appropriate products for them. 

Application developers and partners will benefit from being able to access the whole IoT ecosystem through a single platform. In addition, if offers monetising and billing facilities to ensure bills can be settled right across the IoT ecosystem. 

This means they will be able to upscale their own businesses and also provide new applications using cellular connectivity APIs.  

Commenting on the launch of the Accelerator Marketplace, head of IoT at Ericsson Jeff Travers said: "The launch of IoT Accelerator Marketplace will unlock the potential for different players in the value chain to deliver value. It is another stepping stone to make 5G a reality by enabling massive adoption of massive IoT. 

"This supports service providers as they seek to expose network connectivity IoT APIs and monetise these assets."

With the IoT having seemingly unlimited potential to transform the way people communicate and improve the connectivity between devices to pre-empt situations in a beneficial fashion, the latest offering from Ericsson may prove highly popular. It will be no surprise if the firm's competitors seek to introduce similar platforms for enterprise and development clients.