Enterprises beginning to see advantages of BYOD and cloud combo

Enterprises beginning to see advantages of BYOD and cloud combo

Many businesses are beginning to see the advantages that come with not only a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy, but also the implementation of an effective cloud computing system.

Both of these approaches carry benefits by themselves, but can be made all the more powerful when they are combined.

One of the main concerns that IT operators have with the implementation of a BYOD strategy is the issue of security, as if a device falls into the wrong hands, vital pieces of information could be accessed.

Yet with a cloud system, such data and information can be stored outside of the device, meaning that even if the device is stolen or goes missing, there is no danger of security being compromised.

There are also a number of cloud-based mobile device management tools available that add to this sense of security.

The use of cloud computing in a BYOD environment also eliminates another concern that many IT managers have, which is that of employees using their own devices for personal uses and wasting valuable time that could be spent working.

Yet the cloud is capable of giving a greater level of visibility for employers, as they can keep track of the websites that their employees visit during work hours, no matter where they happen to be.

Of course it is important that organisations inform employees about such a situation, as well as offer other guidelines on a clearly defined BYOD policy, as this ensures that company standards are met by workers.

One of the biggest advantages with BYOD however, is obviously the fact that it is seen as a great way of saving money.

And this can be heightened even further when it is implemented alongside an effective cloud system. Businesses no longer need to spend money on devices for their employees.

The money that would otherwise be spent on infrastructure is also cut by 23 per cent when the cloud is integrated into its system, as the need for things such as paper copies of documents is eliminated.