Data volumes ‘will continue to grow’

Data volumes ‘will continue to grow’

The growth of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend is leading to a rapid increase in the amount of data companies need to deal with.

Steve Sarsfield, data governance blogger and author, believes that the proliferation of devices and the growth of the web-connected world will lead to the amount of data continuing to grow.

"I cannot see where it's going to end – we will have data growing levels. If you look at some of the analyst firms that are out there, they're predicting we'll have two to three fold growth over the next couple of years of the data levels we have to deal with."

He explained that the growth of data is leading to a great deal of interest in cloud technologies.

"If you have your IT infrastructure in the cloud, you can pretty easily expand that and make that able to handle even large volumes of data very quickly," Mr Sarsfield concluded.