CompTIA: companies now more sophisticated in cloud use

Image: HYWARDS via iStock

A new study has found that companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their use of cloud services.

CompTIA’s Trends in Cloud Computing report found that companies are still “heavily invested” in cloud computing but that they were becoming more “refined and savvy in the technology options they choose”.

The study found that well over 90 per cent of companies surveyed said they use some form of cloud computing. However, more companies place themselves in the non-critical use category (38 per cent in 2016 compared to 27 per cent in 2014), rather than the full production stage (33 per cent this year, down from 42 per cent in 2014).

Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis at CompTIA, said: “A quick glance at this data could lead to the conclusion that companies are walking backward.

“The reality is that the cloud market is undergoing refinement as users gain greater appreciation and understanding of what cloud computing entails.”

It was revealed that the majority of companies have been using cloud solutions for between one and five years. Just six per cent of respondents said they have been using cloud solutions for more than five years. Another 23 per cent of companies reported that they have been using cloud for less than a year.

Mr Robinson said: “This is a good reminder that a significant number of businesses are still learning about cloud concepts and performing experiments, pilots and initial migrations.”

According to the study, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most heavily used service model, with 74 per cent of companies surveyed making use of it. However, the study suggested that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) may become the fastest growing model over the next several years, with 42 per cent usage currently.

It was predicted in the report that Platform as a Service (PaaS) will also grow as companies become more sophisticated with their development approach, with 33 per cent using it now.