Compliance remains top issue for cloud adoption

Compliance remains top issue for cloud adoption

Maintaining compliance has been identified as the key issue for organisations adopting the cloud, according to new research.

A survey conducted by CipherCloud found that nearly two-thirds of respondents view both compliance and auditing privacy as being the main security challenges associated with cloud computing.

The inaugural Global Cloud Data Security Report found that as well as compliance (64 per cent ), companies are also worried by unprotected data for documents (32 per cent), malware protection for documents (two per cent) and a lack of secure collaboration and file sharing methods (two per cent).

The number one concern to be identified by companies was a regulation that a country imposes on an industry or organisation, often referencing the collection of data on their citizens and utilising cloud applications to process and store the information.

Reports have suggested that an increasing number of cloud service providers are responding to the concerns of customers by basing their data centres in countries closer to their consumer base, allowing them to get a better grip of compliance requirements.

Pravin Kothari, founder and chief executive officer at CipherCloud, said: "Organisations are harnessing cloud computing to more effectively compete in the global economy with faster time to market and cost efficiencies.

"At the same time, the headwinds of privacy legislation in North America, Europe, South America and Asia-Pacific make the case for data-centric protections in the cloud. Our research indicates that compliance factors are galvanising organisations, particularly in Healthcare and Finance, to fortify their data defences in the cloud."

It all amounts to security remaining the top barrier to cloud adoption, with a recent Ovum report – The Role of Security in Cloud Adoption – citing a lack of in-house skills as the main obstacle to companies securing their own infrastructure.

Despite those concerns, the report also found that 80 per cent of enterprises are now using some form of cloud technology, suggesting many are implementing cloud solutions amid persisting concerns over compliance, security and data protection.