Common pitfalls with migrating to the cloud and how you can avoid them

Common pitfalls with migrating to the cloud and how you can avoid them

More and more small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are beginning to identify the advantages of using a cloud system within their IT infrastructure and yet many do not appear to know the proper way to implement it.

There are some common mistakes that many experts on the subject have identified, most of which are easily avoidable.

According to Info World's cloud computing expert David Linthicum, one of the most common mistakes that many SMBs make when implementing such a system is to bring it in too fast, and subsequently forget about core business requirements.

He explains: "We love technology, and it's much more fun to talk about it than to talk about the business drivers and architectural planning. However, most companies leaping into the technology too quickly are likely to use cloud computing ineffectively."

It is therefore important that companies consider all of the avenues available before jumping feet-first into a new approach.

Cloud expert Andrew Mellish believes that one of the main considerations that companies need to make is what provider they choose to get their service from.

In a blog post for Carrenza, Mr Mellish said that too many SMBs believe it is too easy to simply pick a provider, quickly migrate data to the new system and immediately expect to see the benefits.

But he claims that the reality is very different, arguing: "While the best-planned transitions will deliver great results, poorly-executed strategies could end up costing companies money as they invest in solutions that aren’t suited to them."

Security appears to be perhaps the biggest consideration for many SMBs looking to migrate to the cloud, but again many are unaware on how to correct the issue in the proper manner.

Businesses that place too much of an emphasis on security face paying over the odds for services that they do not really need, while companies that take too much of a relaxed attitude face being caught out and exposed, which can cause hugely costly problems.

Experts appear to be in agreement that in order to devise the correct security plan for your enterprise, it is vital to consider the specific requirements of your business.