Cloud users ‘need to be extra vigilant’ amid greater risks

Cloud users ‘need to be extra vigilant’ amid greater risks

Organisations using cloud platforms for their daily business operations need to take more responsibility in ensuring that data is protected.

That is the main finding of a recent survey by Skyhigh Networks, which claims that nearly 30 per cent of data shared with partners is considered to be "high risk".

The Cloud Adoption and Risk Report stated that organisations need to understand that security does not end within the perimeters of company's system.

The report cited the recent breach affecting US retailer Target, which cost the company some $148 million to resolve.

That particular case mainly resulted from attackers exploiting an unsecured heating and cooling vendor to get around the company's security defences.

Skyhigh has subsequently claimed that organisations need to be aware of how much data is exchanged with corporate partners, despite only eight per cent of partner firms being considered as "high risk".

The riskiest partner industries were found to be in telecommunications, agriculture, mining, construction and real estate.

The report adds: "As cloud adoption in the enterprise steadily increases, the cloud is having a measurable impact on the way businesses operate.

"IT departments are migrating to cloud services to take advantage of faster time to market, lower cost, and increased operational efficiencies.

“In parallel, employees are rapidly adopting cloud services that help them do their jobs better and with greater mobility. However, not all employee-led cloud adoption is sanctioned or even known to the IT department."

It seems that the message is clear: Companies need to take control of how they track their data in order to ensure it stays safe.