Cloud ‘to become new norm’

Cloud ‘to become new norm’

Many businesses have begun to recognise the various benefits that are on offer through the implementation of the cloud. So many in fact that some experts believe the technology is set to become the new corporate norm.

One such expert is Amazon's Terence Wise, director of business development for the firm's Amazon Webstore service.

Amazon has seen a huge spike in demand for cloud computing over the past 18 months, leading many at the firm to believe that such technology is here to stay.

Mr Wise told V3 in an interview: "We have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, everyone from start-ups and small businesses to some of the biggest companies in the world, but one of the things that has really started to happen very quickly is the number of large enterprises that are adopting the platform for strategic applications."

Last year saw Amazon handle 905 billion objects in its S3 cloud storage service, which clearly shows the technology holds a great level of interest among users.

And with such a keen potential customer base for Amazon and many other vendors, Mr Wise believes that the cloud could soon become the default choice in how businesses run their applications.

The reasons for doing so are pretty clear too, as there are a number of great benefits that come with the implementation of the cloud that many organisations will find too good to ignore.

Perhaps the most significant advantages is the fact that it encourages mobile working, meaning that employees can work from anywhere.

Such flexibility has often been found as a key driver in boosting employee morale and productivity.

There is also the fact that it helps companies lower their infrastructure costs. Aspects of securing data can be handled by an external third party, meaning that resources can be used elsewhere in the company.