Cloud technology being shaped by mobile devices

Cloud technology being shaped by mobile devices

The use of mobile devices has had a substantial impact on the development of cloud technology over the course of recent years, a new report has suggested.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, ;The Future of Cloud Computing Technologies in Enterprises in the United States and Europe', found that the use of the cloud has become so widespread that around six out of ten users are now regarded as being 'cloud reliant', with the growth of mobile workers cited as a key driver.

However, there remains another 43 per cent of users that are still unconvinced by the technology. Yet they appear to be in the minority when compared to the 70 per cent of U.S. and 56 per cent of European respondents claiming to find these solutions to be highly effective.

Users have taken to the technology so much, in fact, that over half of the surveyed businesses have now moved 40 per cent or more of their enterprise communications to the cloud.

The report subsequently predicts that a quarter of organisations are likely to migrate 76 per cent or more of their communications to a cloud-based system within the next three years.

Frost & Sullivan research analyst Karolina Olszewska, said: "The majority of cloud-reliant users are in the United States, particularly in manufacturing, and in businesses of 20 to 500 employees, and businesses of over 10,000 employees.

"In the future, however, the IT decision makers in the United States, the government vertical sector and small businesses are expected to show the most marked increase in cloud technology adoption.

"The share of remote and mobile workers is expected to increase over the next three years and change business technology requirements."

She added that the cost of supporting these new business requirements were likely to have a greater impact on IT decision-makers in the United States than those in Europe.