Cloud shifting CIO focus to compliance

Cloud shifting CIO focus to compliance

With a greater number of cloud services managing to make their way into the approaches of many businesses, the role of the chief information officer (CIO) appears to have changed.

A number of senior IT decision-makers have claimed that the role of the CiO will mainly be based around the issue of compliance, if indeed it even stays relevant at all.

A recent whitepaper from Cloud Forum found that cloud services in the UK have gone up by 27 per cent, with that rate of adoption increasing all the more dramatically over the course of the last nine months.

And as more organisations begin to phase out the practice of buying and hardware, there will be an increased need for CIOs to move closer to IT service management, putting the issue of security at its core.

Martin Bishop, global head of network applications and & service portfolio at Telstra Global, told Business Cloud News: "From CIO to chief compliance officer is what’s happening. The role will become about how you ensure your IT systems are complying with the rules applying in the country your businesses is in.

“Compliance and security or procuring delivered services could even become a subset of the sales or go to market organisations."

However, others seem to think that the role will begin to evolve alongside a number of new challenges and opportunities that come with such technological shifts.

Jagdeep Singh, UK government head of technology, told Business Cloud News that the position of CIO could even be merged with that of chief technology officer (CTO).

“We’re all in agreement that the role of the CIO needs to evolve but in central government there’s a tendency towards the CTO role moving slightly ahead of the CIO. But they will need to work together to facilitate integration,” he said.

With the correlation between the shift in responsibility of CIOs and cloud adoption seemingly so strong, it seems that there is little sign of such evolution halting any time soon.