Cloud connectivity to become commonplace in cars

Cloud connectivity to become commonplace in cars

For a busy business person who is constantly on the move, it could well be that their car is their mobile office.

Add this to their need to be connected to the internet, then it appears it will not be long until motoring manufacturers introduce cloud functions and applications in the majority of their models.

Hans Roth, director of technology at Harman, said that traditionally it has only been the premium vehicles that have benefited from being web-connected, enabling things like satellite navigation systems to be updated over the airwaves.

However, with today's generation having grown up with the internet around them, brands are exploring the possibility of ensuring a constant connection to the internet.

This could allow people to download data to their tablet or smartphone while they are on the move, while VoIP calls could also be permissible.

"Cloud-based functions make it simpler to offer updates without having to go to the dealer. By shifting content integration to the cloud we can better future-proof the vehicle hardware," noted Mr Roth.