Cloud computing trends revealed

Cloud computing trends revealed

IDG Enterprise has outlined what it believes are some of the potential trends among small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using the cloud.

The 2013 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing research examined the usage and plans across various cloud services and deployment models, the money invested in such ventures and what impact they have on the strategy and plans of the business.

It found that just under half (49 per cent) of executive-level management view the concept of cloud computing as being capable of transforming their approach for the future.

Those surveyed also identified the top four drivers for investing in such technology, including greater flexibility in order react to changes in the market (40 per cent), enabling business continuity (43 per cent), speed of deployment (39 per cent) and improving customer support (38 per cent).

These also offer a number of benefits, with 56 per cent of people claiming that access to critical business data and applications accelerated the value of the business.

The same number of respondents said that the cloud was a catalyst of IT innovation, while just over half (54 per cent) believe it leads to better employee collaboration and greater levels of IT agility.

But the survey did also revealed that certain members of staff can be harder to convince than others.

Those most skeptical about implementing cloud computing appear to chief financial officers (CFOs) (35 per cent). Just under a quarter of respondents (24 per cent), believed the board of directors are the most reluctant to adopt the system, while 16 per cent said that they had trouble in making their company's chief operating officer (COO) see the need for the cloud.

Despite some higher members of staff having difficulty in seeing the point of implementing the clod to their business, the amount of money being spent soft as a service (SaaS), increased by eight per cent in 2012 to 13 per cent in 2013.

Altogether 44 per cent of IT budgets are now being spent on cloud computing.