Cloud computing poised to change business communications forever

Cloud computing poised to change business communications forever

The concept of cloud computing has enjoyed something of a meteoric rise in recent years, with an increasing number of companies beginning to recognise the benefits of implementing such a system in terms of saving money and keeping data secure.

The trend has got so big in fact, that even the biggest companies, such as Amazon and more recently IBM, have begun to take notice.

But it is not only the effect on data that has made cloud computing such a popular trend, as there is an increasingly common belief that such technology could also help to save money in the way firms communicate with each other.

One of the main drivers of this has been the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), which has signalled the end of the days where employees required one particular type of device in order to become part of their company network.

That has caused systems themselves to change, with the cloud increasing the likliehood of collaboration between devices, whether they be smartphones, desktops or tablets.

It is therefore conceivable that employees will one day find that working through either their smartphone or tablet is a perfectly viable option, especially when one considers the rising prominence of 4G.

This could soon see a rising use in the number of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing apps, which with a faster connection would be able to run faster than ever before, while access to the cloud would mean that workers can communicate in real time with anyone within the company  with a level of ease that has never been seen before.

Such technology is sure to be a hit not just with large corporations, but also with smaller businesses, many of which are relying on  driving customer satisfaction in order to balance the books.

The cloud means that sophisticated levels of communication are now easier than ever before, making even the smallest firm appear larger and more professional.