Cloud computing hailed as latest industrial revolution

Cloud computing hailed as latest industrial revolution

Cloud computing has the potential to be the modern world's' answer to the industrial revolution, experts have claimed.

That is the verdict of Euro Cloud, which said that the cloud is having a dramatic impact on businesses across the world, but there are still concerns that Europe is still lagging behind.

According to Cloud Pro, Dr Tobias Höllwarth, consultant and board member of EuroCloud, told journalists at the Cloud Enterprise Forum in Monaco that organisations need to start the optimisation process before it is too late.

“It has never been a good strategy to run behind someone else in a race," he said.

“Cloud is changing everything for every company, every person: the way we source and work is different and people don’t even know when they are using [the cloud] it’s that persistent.

“In every industrial revolution a number of workplaces were destroyed and replaced by new ones. IT people will be replaced if they cannot cope with a changing environment.”

While the new technology is bound to affect employees, Cloud Pro also said that Dr Höllwarth is of the opinion that providers will have to do their best to tailor their offerings to customers.

For instance he claims that outsourcing for smaller businesses will require a greater level of trust and experience.

This means that simply offering the same software as a service (SaaS) is unlikely to suit the needs of smaller firms and could even hold back such organisations from gaining the foothold they need in the global economy.

However, there are still some analysts that insist the cloud is more of a model rather than a technological revolution.

In a blog for Channel Partners Online, Paiman Nodoushani claims that managed service providers (MSP) vary in terms of what they look for in a cloud system.

Mr Nodoushani added that some of them are looking to change the way they spend their money, choosing to move away from buying infrastructure.