Cloud computing found to be top trend of 2013

Cloud computing found to be top trend of 2013

There is no doubting that 2013 was very much a year where the concept of cloud computing really took off in terms of adoption.

And it seems that many IT departments across the country regard it as the number one trend of the year just gone.

A recent survey conducted by V3 found that around four-fifths of IT professionals cited the cloud as having the biggest impact on technology over the course of the year.

According to V3, the soaring level of adoption in cloud services is mainly due to the fact that previous concerns surrounding technology have now significantly eased.

Issues such as cost and security, which have both been seen as traditional obstacles to adoption have begun to fade away.

The findings coincide with recent figures from IDC, which suggested that over $100 billion (£60.99 billion) will be spent on cloud services over the course of the next 12 months, meaning that it could soon account for five per cent of the total global IT spend of $20 trillion.

The impact of cloud computing was far more than its nearest rival in V3's poll, with big data coming in second place, with larger businesses beginning to feel the squeeze in terms of implementing a large database capable of meeting the challenges posed.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend that has arguably seen its rising popularity driven by the increased used of cloud computing, and yet only four per cent of those surveyed by V3 said that it was the most significant development in business IT.

That meant that many people appear to not be bothered by the perceived death of the PC, which again has been brought on by people using cloud computing and BYOD to work remotely and on the move.