Cloud computing could hold the solution to BYOD security worries.

Cloud computing could hold the solution to BYOD security worries.

There is no doubting that bring your own device (BYOD) is a trend that has been central to the mobile working revolution.

However, there have clearly been issues, particularly when it come to security, causing headaches for various IT departments, many of which are having to deal with a substantial increase in mobile devices.

Indeed by 2017, Gartner predicts around half of all employees will be using a mobile device for work purposes, meaning that getting a hold on security will soon become an essential part of how companies approach their IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing is at the heart of many BYOD policies, so it is unsurprising that an increasing number of experts and analysts believe it holds the key to successful security strategies.

Many employees using mobile devices are likely to be familiar with using public cloud systems, which include names such as DropBox, but may at the same time be unaware that many of these platforms are not suitable for business use.

As well as not always having the right level of encryption and security, public cloud storage providers can also cause a lack of clarity into where data is actually stored, making it more difficult to keep a track of sensitive pieces of data and information.

However that is not to say these services are all bad as they do carry some attractive features for users, particularly when it comes to syncing and sharing data.

The solution is therefore to potentially set up a private cloud solution that preserves these highly valued benefits without compromising on security.

However, organisations need to also accept that employees themselves carry a certain level of responsibility; something that can be achieved by way of implementing a strong and clear BYOD policy.