Cloud and BYOD to change many business networks

Cloud and BYOD to change many business networks

The rising use of cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD) strategies means that many companies will have to make alterations to their computer networks in order to ensure their data is safe from increasingly sophisticated hackers, according to McAfee president Michael DeCesare.

Speaking at the McAfee Focus Conference in Las Vegas, Mr DeCesare said that businesses would need to do more to stay one step ahead of any potential threat to security.

Such concerns have already been highlighted in relation to both cloud computing and BYOD by many analysts, making an effective mobile device management strategy even more important.

Mr DeCesare said: "We are asking so much of our networks these days, not just with security, but in general. But, when we designed these networks five or ten years ago we did not contemplate what we'd be asking of them today: to ingest the concept of a public or a private cloud, adjusting to the parameters of BYOD."

He said that there was now a need for companies to be given a much higher level of security on almost any piece of information or connected device, and that firms would need to act more quickly in order to secure their network.

Mr DeCesare added that the new trend had already ushered in an era of more sophisticated cyber attacks on various networks, making it all the more important to ensure that any business intent on migrating to the cloud or using a BYOD strategy, has a fixed policy in place to safeguard important data.

Such advice could provide the sort of wake up call that many IT leaders across the UK need.

Research published by App Sense earlier this summer suggested that nearly half (46 per cent) of IT managers do not have a rigid policy in place when it comes to the management of phones and tablets.

Another 67 per cent of IT leaders claimed that BYOD represented a significant challenge for their business, yet 69 per cent of companies also said they were already supplying two or more devices to many of their employees.

Such statistics imply that many organisations, despite being aware of the benefits, do not understand how to properly implement such an approach.