CIOs see cloud computing as biggest game changer

CIOs see cloud computing as biggest game changer

The majority of chief information officers (CIOs) within businesses across the UK see cloud computing as a technology with the biggest impact on a company's approach, new research has shown.

A recent report from outsourcing specialist Capgemini found that the cloud headed up the list of the most "disruptive technologies" currently being implemented by UK firms, with around 60 per cent claiming it to have an impact.

Meanwhile, more than three quarters (78 per cent) of UK CIOs said that they believed their business had a "good" or "sufficient" understanding of the state of their applications portfolio.

As well as the cloud, CIOs also cited mobile (50 per cent), social (30 per cent) and big data (28 per cent), as the other technologies to have an impact.

Consequently more than half of UK CIOs claim that IT spending is set to increase over the course of the next five years.

In contrast, global figures found that nearly half of CIOs (48 per cent) believe their business has too many applications, while only 37 per cent believed the majority of their applications were mission-critical.

This was combined with the fact 73 per cent believed that at least a fifth of the current applications at their business could share similar functionality and could be consolidated.

Around 57 per cent added that a similar number of applications could be removed or replaced.

Ivar Sinka, head of business architecture at Capgemini, said: "IT departments are moving out of the old stereotypes of simply facilitating cost reduction and risk management, to a more proactive role of business enablement through innovation in both application development and implementation.

"This is directly driven by the new possibilities and fundamental changes that disruptive technologies – cloud, mobile, social and big data – can bring, as well as a greater recognition and understanding from the business value they can deliver."